Construction Simulator 2 App Reviews

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Good but nice to see improvement

I love the game but I would like to see more trucks like ford, kenworth,bobcat,pickup trucks and more trailers all around better deal ships like you should be able to service your trucks there maybe a anther city.I would also like to see more jobs because I am on level 20 and I get the same jobs over and over.You should be able to have you own work crew that can drive the trucks and equipment to the job site and if they add the pickup truck it needs its own trailers and small jobs for it and maybe it also it can be like a traffic control truck like if they add more street jobs and when you do street jobs more traffic so it looks more realistic and maybe to buy an office and house for the crew and cars and to be able to park in the parking garages 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😀😀😀😀😃😃😄😁

Great Game

I don’t normally review games, but with this one I had to. This game is great. It’s accurate to the machines, and has a lot of different tasks that you get to complete, and I haven’t seen an ad yet, which is also awesome. My only suggestions: some type of smaller vehicle, a pickup truck probably to drive to the job sites and see what ya got, and also the ability to get out of he vehicle and walk around to decide the placement of equipment. These features would be very beneficial instead of having to drive that flat bed around everywhere and not being able to really survey the job site.

Good but please add

I love this game so much. But can u please add new machines such as a crawler crane, skid steer, a belly dumper, a drill, and different attachments for the excavator and loader. Can u also add multiplayer mode. Can u also add a worker button we’re u can have them follow u, deliver stuff help with jobs at construction sites. Can u also add where we can have all the machines out at once. 👷🏻‍♂️ 🚧🏗 Thank you🏗 🚧👷🏻‍♂️

Very Good Game

Been addicted for a week. This is the game chemistry that makes a terrific game, with nonstop yet challenging jobs and realistic machines. Actually passed by a real asphalt paver IRL and it looked exactly like the game. 10/10 would recommend

Add more equipment

Add more brands and skid steers specifically a bobcat T650, S650, and E35 mini excavator

IPhone X is good with this

I’m so happy to see it come out on the iPhone X and the graphic oh ‘there so amazing, oh and umm just get it.

This game is amazing!

I love everything that you can do in this game. My dad owns a construction company and he likes to watch me play because so realistic. I think adding a pickup truck would be great to have just to get around rather than having to use a piece of machinery. And is it too much to ask for an Xbox version of this game?

Wider range of vehicles

Don’t get me wrong I love this game and everything about it the reason why I’m giving it 2 stars is because I’d like to see more vehicles such as drill rigs, pile drivers, skid steers, and demolition would be awesome to do.

This game is EXCELLENT

This game is so good I can’t stop playing it and it was worth that $5.00 I had.This game is great but it doesn’t have a restore purchase selection.

Great game but would like to see more

I would like to see more brands like John Deere and case also be able to walk around also should have diesel truck like Duramax ,Cummins and powerstrokes

Keeps crashing

This looks like a really fun game but I can’t get past the reverse portion of the tutorial without the game freezing. It sounds like the game keeps going but the screen keeps freezing so I can’t see what I’m doing. Please fix. I spent money on this. Update: I tried doing the most recent update and it kept getting stuck a quarter of the way through it. I tried deleting it and re-downloading the game as a whole. Now it gets through about a third of the way and then just sits there with the little thinking pinwheel thing next to my WiFi symbol. Fix it or refund the money. Update 2: I figured out that Apple had another iOS update. I did that and then re-downloaded the game and it worked perfect! I’ve been playing it all day at work (not much going on around here). It was worth the hassle. I’d like to recommend maybe a pick-up truck (Ford of course) and trailer option for the one pallet deliveries instead of taking the big, slow crane/flatbed. Otherwise it’s a great game worth the money I spent!

Great Game!

Honestly the best game yet! I downloaded because a friend recommended the game. My friend had the free version! I for sure went and paid to have the whole game! Yes in time I’m sure you’ll add more features to the game. The features (trucks, makes, equipment etc...) already available in the game or that you have to work to buy in the game are amazing already! Thanks for an amazing game that now takes up all our time! Ian & Rylan Dad & Son

Great game

Love this game! But i just upgraded to the iPhone X and would like to see full screen support and it keeps freezing. So hopefully it will be addressed soon so i can continue playing.

Add more

I wish that you would add an interior and more vehicles like pickups dodge Chevy ford etc and more brands of semi freight liner peter built international and Mack the game is great has great realistic graphics I love it and appreciate it

Game is freezing

Can only play for like 5 seconds and then it freezes. Please fix this!!!


I can’t make it past the first 6 seconds of play and than it freezes! (IPhone 8 Plus) Fix it!

Good game

How do you access the warehouse inventory if you store something?


I would like construction simulator to add a couple new different things to the table. The things I would like for them to add is snow removal, sanitation vehicles/Waste Dump, street sweepers, and your helper activator should be able to drive anyone of your vehicles, also I would like for there to be a more verity of truck company’s Peterbilt, Mack, etc. Also they should include different bits for excavators, front end loaders etc like a jack hammer bit, snow blower, or for Foresting trees those type of things I really hope you guys find this review interesting. OTHERWISE 10/10

Does not work

Save your money. Does not work. Freezes after about 10 seconds.

doesent work on iphone 8 plus

game keeps freezing 😡


Won't play. Just crashes

Game Freezes

I loved this game on my iPhone 6+. Once I bought an iPhone 8+ game freezes within 3 seconds of start. Yes I contacted support last month. No fix yet. Hold off purchasing until they fix the issues


Freezes every time I start to drive. Tried rebooting my phone and it still won’t work.


The game freezes every time I start to play. I haven’t even made it through the tutorial because it freezes every single time I try to drive the truck. Sad I paid money for this and it doesn’t even work. Please fix it

Does not work with iPhone 8 plus

Game freezes as soon as you start playing. Tried rebooting iPhone several times and problem persists. Seems like it be a great game , but they need to fix

Super fun game!

The game freezes up a lot more than ever I tired to reinstall the game and the problem is still there. It's like after I completed a task and driving to my jobs the game stops working. Would be cool if you guys can add a crane crawler instead of the crane tower on certain jobs. Thanks

Love the game

It would be really cool if you added a JLG lift and a scissor lift plus have the ability to walk around as was mentioned by several other people in the reviews. It would also be really cool if you could hire helpers to help you throughout a job similar to actual construction sites. Also if the developers ever see this please message me I would love to give you some insanely cool ideas for future updates. Also would y’all ever consider adding a bobcat and a smaller bulldozer and several other machines and on some of the machines is there a way to make it possible to attach different tools such as jack hammers, drills, and smaller/ bigger buckets and etc... It would be cool if there was a telehandler that had the ability to switch between forks and a bucket and other tools.


It works for 3 seconds and freezes

Game freezes

Game freezes on my iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 11 after about 15 seconds of playing. Waste of money.

Keeps freezing on iPhone 8

That’s insane. A faster processor and better phone, and it keeps freezing. Waste of money if they can’t make it compatible


This game would be good if it wasn’t for the freezing as soon as you try to drive or do anything for any vehicle. Don’t waste your money. Btw I’m playing on an iPhone 8plus with the a11 graphics card and the game on the lowest setting and still makes it less than 30 seconds and freezes thanks for nothing construction simulator 2.

Better then last time I played

This game is way better than last time I played I have had the game for a week and I already have westgate! Improvements I will love : crop duster airplanes so you can do farm work. No taxes! I whould have had two million dollars but I only have $291 pls do these improvements and I will tell evreyone to get the app Thanks

Love the game but can’t play it

Every time I start to play it it freezes on me I rebooted my phone lowered the graphics and resolution and still freezes... this is the only game that freezes so I know it ain’t my phone PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!! Thanks


Keeps freezing that’s after if it even makes it past the load screen, tried reinstalling and resetting my device no help.

Skid steer more equiment and others and add case uniloaders

Plz put a cat 297d skid in this game or a kubota slv 95 would top it off. And make u have a shop u can drive in. And also put 980 h loader and be able to walk around in the game. Make it to we're u can drive through street signs and bushes. Make the repair cost a little lower. And put some case equipment in the game like skidsteers and mini excavators for small jobs. And put a heavy duty trailer behind the dump truck to haul equiment like a skidsteer more trailers and put a f350 dually 7.3 for riding around in and be able to pull a trailer. And put make another city and bigger jobs. And last make u be in the driver seat. Overall fun game and when u run into cars u can keep going no dead stop u plz do that. AND PUT A INTERNATIONAL CXT PICKUP TRUCK IN IT AND MAKE IT COST 100000 dollars I would rate this game 10 stars if u put that in it. If u don't know what a cxt is look it up. And make it to wear u can change excavator buckets like a root bucket and other make missions clearing land for homes like removing trees and bigger equiment and skid steers and make vehicles sink in the dirt and get stuck and half to pull them out Make u able to load your truck with a 980 h loader in the quarry( gravel yard and make a quarry

Half Pipe Dump Problem?

So the half pipe dump trailer, I currently have it paired with the KW, but the thing that I don’t like (and I don’t know if this just a glitch on my end or something, but you can’t carry gravel soil, sand, or asphalt, I don’t see why, (assuming it’s not a glitch and just a thing the game does not let you do) real life construction companies use those types of trailers for pavement all the time, so I don’t see why this is a thing, just really low key annoying in my opinion


On my iPhone 8 I can not get more then a minute or two in to the game and it freezes and I have to reset the game I’m very sad because it looks like a cool game and I lost 4 bucks


This game is great, graphics machines all a dream, I would like if they could add a Wrecker for trucks of 75 tons Kenworth t800 or Peterbill, to tow the trucks when they are damaged hahaha would be great

Great game

Great simulator, lots of vehicles, great graphics for a phone 🤘🏽


I love this game. Would love to play more but continually freezes and soon as it loads and my phone starts heating up. Lags bad too. Please fix. I love this game.

Blue trailor

How do you load vehicles onto the blue trailor

Best phone game ever!

$1.99 unlocks the entire game! No diamonds or all this other crap like other games! Great design and great gameplay! I have literally spent over 60 hours of play on this game! Lol! That's how good it is!!

Won’t work

Just a question can y’all update this game to make it work with iOS 10 and 11.

Excavators need operators POV

This game is amazing in every way 5 stars for sure. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN IN CAB VIEW FOR THE EXCAVATORS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Although it's so amazing it is starting to get a little repetitive. I really hope to see more equipment (such as a bigger cat dozer) and a few more Jobs once in a while. Other then that I wouldn't change a thing

Good but most be better!!

I love concept but there is many bugs and missions some time repeat again and again! They think great about concept(cites and vehicles) but it need update really!!!

Great, just needs more vehicles.

I gave it a low review just so the developers will see my ideas. I honestly really enjoy the game! Developers, you should add many new lines of vehicles, like Komatsu, Mack, Ford, Ram, etc. My idea is that you should be able to walk around, drive cars, and carry items like leaf blowers, jackhammers, and crowbars, and maybe you should be able to hire people to do jobs, just at your expense. See, in farm simulator, you can see the damage that happens to your vehicle, it can get dirty, you can walk around, hire people, etc. I also think that you can have some other places, like other counties, since there is only the four cities in the game. (Maybe you could have other states that you can work in, and you can transfer money between them through the bank) I also hope that you can add cars and trucks that you can buy and drive (such as VW, Ford, Ram, etc.) anyways, I hope that you incorporate my ideas into the game soon.

Best Simulator Available In the App Store !!

I have played a lot of mobile simulators but this one is the best!

Best construction gamy ever!!!

The graphics are great!The Machines are real brands of construction equipment!!! You should get this game it is the best!!!

I love great sim games like this.

This game would be ridiculous if we could play it on console! Big open world more toys etc. it's fantastic quality already I can only imagine what an Xbox one version would be like... just a thought.

Absolute best game ever can't get enough of it. Can't wait for a new one or updated vehicles!!!!

Absolute best game ever can't get enough of it. Can't wait for a new one or updated vehicles!!!! Hope to see either soon, and if I could I would give this game 10 stars!!! Seriously

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