Construction Simulator 2 App Reviews

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Blue trailor

How do you load vehicles onto the blue trailor

Best phone game ever!

$1.99 unlocks the entire game! No diamonds or all this other crap like other games! Great design and great gameplay! I have literally spent over 60 hours of play on this game! Lol! That's how good it is!!

Won’t work

Just a question can y’all update this game to make it work with iOS 10 and 11.

Excavators need operators POV

This game is amazing in every way 5 stars for sure. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN IN CAB VIEW FOR THE EXCAVATORS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Although it's so amazing it is starting to get a little repetitive. I really hope to see more equipment (such as a bigger cat dozer) and a few more Jobs once in a while. Other then that I wouldn't change a thing

Good but most be better!!

I love concept but there is many bugs and missions some time repeat again and again! They think great about concept(cites and vehicles) but it need update really!!!

Great, just needs more vehicles.

I gave it a low review just so the developers will see my ideas. I honestly really enjoy the game! Developers, you should add many new lines of vehicles, like Komatsu, Mack, Ford, Ram, etc. My idea is that you should be able to walk around, drive cars, and carry items like leaf blowers, jackhammers, and crowbars, and maybe you should be able to hire people to do jobs, just at your expense. See, in farm simulator, you can see the damage that happens to your vehicle, it can get dirty, you can walk around, hire people, etc. I also think that you can have some other places, like other counties, since there is only the four cities in the game. (Maybe you could have other states that you can work in, and you can transfer money between them through the bank) I also hope that you can add cars and trucks that you can buy and drive (such as VW, Ford, Ram, etc.) anyways, I hope that you incorporate my ideas into the game soon.

Best Simulator Available In the App Store !!

I have played a lot of mobile simulators but this one is the best!

Skid steer more equiment and others and add case uniloaders plz reply

Plz put a cat 297d skid in this game or a kubota slv 95 would top it off. And make u have a shop u can drive in. And also put 980 h loader and be able to walk around in the game. Make it to we're u can drive through street signs and bushes. Make the repair cost a little lower. And put some case equipment in the game like skidsteers and mini excavators for small jobs. And put a heavy duty trailer behind the dump truck to haul equiment like a skidsteer more trailers and put a f350 dually 7.3 for riding around in and be able to pull a trailer. And put make another city and bigger jobs. And last make u be in the driver seat. Overall fun game and when u run into cars u can keep going no dead stop u plz do that. AND PUT A INTERNATIONAL CXT PICKUP TRUCK IN IT AND MAKE IT COST 100000 dollars I would rate this game 10 stars if u put that in it. If u don't know what a cxt is look it up. And make it to wear u can change excavator buckets like a root bucket and other make missions clearing land for homes like removing trees and bigger equiment and skid steers and make vehicles sink in the dirt and get stuck and half to pull them out Make u able to load your truck with a 980 h loader in the quarry( gravel yard and make a quarry

Best construction gamy ever!!!

The graphics are great!The Machines are real brands of construction equipment!!! You should get this game it is the best!!!

I love great sim games like this.

This game would be ridiculous if we could play it on console! Big open world more toys etc. it's fantastic quality already I can only imagine what an Xbox one version would be like... just a thought.

Absolute best game ever can't get enough of it. Can't wait for a new one or updated vehicles!!!!

Absolute best game ever can't get enough of it. Can't wait for a new one or updated vehicles!!!! Hope to see either soon, and if I could I would give this game 10 stars!!! Seriously

Great game but....

Can you call peterbilt and get permission to add them in, thanks. So far it's a great game though, keep it up.

Add Liebherr LTM 11200

I love this game and have had for a long time. It never gets boring. I have just one request for you to add the Liebherr LTM 11200. Other than that this game is amazing.


Seems like you don't acquire enough credit with contracts for the two vehicles you get with the application. To get additional equipment you either pay more money or wait a lengthy time period for more contracts to drop in. Didn't have this issue with the first version. I paid for the app but unless I pay more I can't use it. Good app otherwise. No freezing issues so far.


Will you ever put Mack trucks in the game and smaller equipment and multiplayer


Horrible app. It continues to freeze and is unplayable.

Same stuff over and over

The game one let me move on from the same special jobs even tho I've done them already this needs fixed asap please.


I was playing last night and the textures cut in and out, it doesn't effect gameplay. I also had a problem with taking the concrete bags off the flatbed with the hook. Before I even unfolded the hook I could pick it up.


Game keeps freezing


Love this game could use some more machines and other known equipment like Mack peterbilt John Deere case etc you get the point but as far as the game goes love it couldn't be happier with it

Great game

Not sure how to move the tower crane.

Great game

The game is great but it would be even better with a pickup and some trailers for it also a bobcat with tracks.

Love the game

Love the game, just wish it had more utility type missions. Install water and sewer line jobs. And some more machine would be cool too. Maybe a trailer behind the dump trucks that we can haul the smaller excavators or back hoe on

Game won't download and install

I have an iPhone 5c and i know that there is not much difference between a 5c and a 5s. The only difference is that one is colored and have a normal home button, and the other one has a home button with a Touch ID sensor and has only 3 metallic colors. I just hope that one of these days, this app will be compatible with an iPhone 5c.

Awesome game

I really like this game, I was wondering if we could allow machines such as backhoe and all excavators to carry materials while Driving to assist in fast loading. Could we also add bigger machines. Thanks

Awesome Game/Suggestions

Great game. Can't get enough. Would ask to try and get some heavier operator equipment, like the big big machinery. Also a head came view so you can operate inside the cab of the excavator etc. Also, please get rid of the fact that you can't drive through street signs or bushes. Lastly, it would be could to be able to use the excavator buckets to help maneuver the vehicle when for example, you press it against the ground and having the vehicle respond appropriately. Would make it fun for loading and offloading vehicles and just in general. Anyways, fun game!


Need to add a trailer for the dump truck and ad a tow truck

Good game

Need to be able to walk around in game and drill for excavator

Add a new vehicle

This game is the best game ever but can u make a pickup truck that carry tools and besides that if I could have one game for the rest of my life this would be the one

Great Game

It's a great game but I don't like the fact that there aren't any mini excavators and skid steers I also think you should add a scraper and a tracked loader. Other than that, great game.

Great could be better

It has all the machines, but it is missing a few. The game should have some skid steers and compact excavators. Also the Liebherr Fast Erecting crane transport is a little complicated and could be simplified. Also there could be a Deere 850D Bulldozer unlocked at level 5. It is too late for them to be unlocked at level 10. I love the Cat and Liebherr Heavy excavators. But a great realistic game. U also pay taxes and can choose to obey traffic rules. Over all a great game. Please INCLUDE OTHER ATTACHMENTS ON THE EXCAVATORS. A hammer on a Wheeled Excavator would be great for small road jobs. A trench bucket for trenching and other attachments and maybe a scrap shear for demolition.

Good game but

Good game but I lost all my levels I was level 5 now I'm 0

Awesome game

Make it a multiplayer game that you can join with your friends phone also a manual shifting and more vehicles too please



Needs clearer directions

It took me 1 mo the just to complete the first mission. Things got way to confusing. It's a great game, but for someone who has trouble understanding direction, it's not the best

Awesome game

Great game so realistic

Great but you should add some stuff

You should add seasons and season based missions like snowplowing and you should add a small skid steer loader with attachments like asphalt miller bucket forks and dozen blade plus pickup trucks and smaller trailers

Great game

This game is so fun to play.I play it almost everyday.I would just add lots of more jobs and don't repeat jobs.I would also add a gas tank to the vehicles for you can fill them up at the gas station as like a real life construction job.That would be some fun.I would just add more things to make the app better than ever.Overall the game is great

Awesome Game

I love the game. I have two out of many dump trucks. I went from one side of the map to the gravel pit then back to pick up the other dump truck and go to the gravel pit. I did not know you could get a helper to drive the other truck behind you.

Awesome need some more stuff

Add some snow and snow plows with salter that can go in the bed of dump trucks. Also grading roads and u can do dust control. And getting out of the trucks to walk around and tar and add some Volvo excavators dump trucks front end loaders and grader and so not komotsu front end loaders that would make the game amazing and seasons and a skid steer with attachments and attachments for the excavators

Developers pls read

It has happens a copal of times but I was unloading cargo and one of them said it was ready to connect to the hook even ho it wasn't even close some times when I go a little bit ahead of the instructions it tells me to it doesn't complete the mission is is just stuck there and then I have to re log but still love the game

Supper fun

Needs a skid steer but it is a great game

Skid steer and road traffic

Please add a skid steer.And please add some other trucks to the road traffic.

False alarm

It's a beautiful game i just didn't have storage lol my mistake

Great game, but...

This game has decent graphics, needs a little more work like the mudflaps on the kw should be flapping around, not just like a piece of stiff metal. It'd be cool to get an option on the trucks transmission to have it in manual shift or automated shift. Also, to have actual damage and mud/dirt on trucks/trailers and add a wrecker/tow if trucks aren't drivable from the damage. Other than that, great game.

Please read this!!!!!

So this is a really great idea so I was thinking that you guys could add multiplayer like Game Center multiplayer so you can add friends just a idea please add


Y'all should add the Bobcat little tractor thing

Great game

Overall a great game and worth the money in my opinion.

Add more equipment

Could u add a truck or two and a skidsteer with a trailer to haul it and some attachments For the excavator

Great game need new builds

Fun game but you get to a point to where your building the same stuff. Completed all special jobs so now it's just build the same stuff you built before. Finding myself not playing as much do to no new builds. Other then that great game.

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