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Construction sim 2

Game needs updated or something... dozer will barley push a small bit of dirt, keeps freezing and making the vehicles go all wacked out.. could you possible add a pickup some we could drive that instead of the semis all the time... thanks!! Overall awesome game!!!

Purchased Money Didn’t Receive Credit

I recently purchased money on the game, it charged my account, but didn’t receive any in the game. This is bad business! Please resolve.

Awesome Game!🙂

I love this game! There are a lot of vehicles and many different jobs to do. But I think a new area like a coastal city with jobs like building a shipping port would be amazing. Please consider this. Thank you.

Awesome need some more stuff

Add some snow and snow plows with salter that can go in the bed of dump trucks. Also grading roads and u can do dust control. And getting out of the trucks to walk around and tar and add some Volvo excavators dump trucks front end loaders and grader and so not komotsu front end loaders that would make the game amazing and seasons and a skid steer with attachments and attachments for the excavators and western star dump truck with wing plow and front plow for it and a v plow for the grader that you can buy separately and so the detach front the vehicle

Great game

I love this game but really wish there was an option to walk around the maps, also a pickup truck would be nice. Please continue to update the game!

Great game but Needs more

Love this game it’s great u should put a switch on the semi and dump trucks for the jake break and add a pickup truck and also let the bulldozers be able to load on to the blue trailer and get a different lowboy make it detach at the goose neck and make a little trailer that can hook to pickup truck and dump truck and mini backhoe it also lags a little bit when u hit the brakes

Great Game But....

I'm giving this game 5 stars cause it's got really good graphics and really fun to play but I have 1 problem my game don't have any sound please fix this

Love the game👍

The game is cool and really good and the tutorials are very easy and painless to do also I give this game 💯% boom 💥 I ❤️ this game

Upload progress from the lite version

Is there a way to get the progress from the lite version to the full version I don’t want to really start over from the beginning

Good game

Good game just wish there was a way to transfer your save from one device to the other If anyone knows how to do so please let me know.thanks

Please fix the driving controls

Driving controls are cumbersome. To the point that it's almost unplayable without fast traveling. It doesn't take much before you start snaking down the road. Controlling any piece of equipment, whether its excavating, paving or loading and off loading materials is no different. The available third person POVs are very difficult to get a good perspective or depth of field because are too close. Usually what I need to see is just off screen so I'm working blind. A first person POV would be so much better. And more realistic. Shadows would help depth of field

Needs a scraper

In March can you please add a scraper to construction simulator 2

Needs MFI support!

Great, great game! Needs MFI support so us IOS users can enjoy gameplay with a controller! 4.5 * rating otherwise

Super fun game!

Deleted this game because one glitch took all my money for some reason it kept on multiplying my monthly expensive. When I quitted the game and went back in all my money was gone lol.

Great game

This is a great game, in my opinion. Not many games on the App Store that are so realistic, and such. Only thing I see, is I think you should lose some power on trucks when pulling loads, and maybe allow the trucks that have a raised axle to lower the axles and use the tarp. All in all, great game and over 86 hours of play time!

A good idea

Construction simulator is a very good game with great graphics and is very fun. It would be cool if you made a demolition simulator with the same setup as construction simulator. I’m sure it would be a winner.

Good game

Fun and time consuming, but neat overall.

Gradall telehandler

You guys should really look into developing a gradall or jlg telehandler into the game it will make it way more fun.

Hold under in military and love this game!

I love this game. I’ve played it non stop for about 3 days now!


Can you please add moving truck and ambulance and fire truck that you can drive and can you see if you can get the lights to work on the ambulance and fire truck and get a button for on and off please can that be in the next update please.

Great game worth it

I wish had cab view in the next update


Worth my money plz add more vehicles and make the gas station functional

Need more content

Y’all need to make a multiplayer mode which up to four players can play at one time. Overall a good game

Sync data

My profile won’t sync anymore and I spent $23 on in app purchases

In game buying

I bought the 6.99 package and it never gave me my money

Great game but add

This games is amazing but it needs these things to make it better, customization like to add your company logo to the side of the truck, able to come out of the truck, add a pick up truck and a small trailer if you don't want to drive such a big truck, add multiplayer add a house in each city where you can go home rest eat and be able to customize your house.

Great game

Needs a skid steer

Love the game!

Love the game and attention to detail. Love the simulation feel and the different vehicles. A few suggestions: -animate vehicle exhaust and simulate vehicle movement a bit better. The tractors drive the same solo as they do pulling a trailer carrying a dozer. -I don’t quite understand why I should purchase one type of vehicle as opposed to another similar one. Please help explain this in the tutorials or in some documentation in the game. -in-cab views of the machines would be awesome! -more vehicles please!

Please help

I can’t do any mobile crane jobs the long press button for unerecting it is not visible


The game was purchased and won’t download I was looking forward to playing but won’t download


I bought the biggest coin pack and didn’t receive it. I want my money back

Good game love it

I am a heavy equipment operator and I love playing this game

Nice game

Needs a skid steer, trailers for dump trucks, pickup truck and be able to put a smaller wheel loader on the haul trailer. Maybe even a crawler loader like a CAT 963. Forks for a loader and a truck mounted crane. A nursery to purchase plants and landscaping jobs. Overall great game love it. Perhaps a street sweeper and snowplow and a lowboy. NEED INTERNATIONAL HX TRUCKS!! Overall great game nicely done, good work!!!


We need helicopters

Love this game

I love this game I wish there was smaller dump truck with a trailer and a mini excavator otherwise I love this game


Can you add a work truck and make it were you can walk around and dig with a shovel, hammer and walk in buildings and house to buy

Great Game

This is a great game to pass the time. However, twice now when doing missions the pallets don’t show up at the building materials store. Please fix this!

It's fun and frustrating

First off it's a fun game. I've unlocked everything and have a few million in bank. The biggest issue I have is the super sluggish controls while driving. Because of it I don't drive the vehicles anywhere, just click the skip drive option. I drive a semi in real life and wonder why it takes a vehicle in the game 2 seconds to move after pressing brake or reverse. Also seems to take extraordinary amount of time for wheels/vehicle to turn. Most times while using bulldozer the game freezes for a couple seconds then comes back with the bulldozer out of control. I think there are too many excavators in game and the space could be used for some different vehicles.

Great game

Love this game! But i just upgraded to the iPhone X and would like to see full screen support. It the playing screen is just a little to small for my liking. But no more freezes so thank you for fixing that!

Construction simulator

The game is the best because I like construction game that’s on phone

New vehicles

Please can you add a skid steer and compressor and a jack hammer


This game is he best construction simulator I have ever played on IOS. Keep up the good work guys. I have a quick suggestion though could you please maybe, in the next update reduce the hook sway on the big yellow crane. It can get pretty annoying sometimes and I would use it a lot more if it didn’t sway so much. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ripe offs

I give it one star because I like the game but it’s a ripe off I paid for the $4.00 coin pack 3 and I didn’t get it

Great game but would like to see more

I would like to see more brands like John Deere and case also be able to walk around also should have diesel truck like Duramax ,Cummins and powerstrokes. I would also like to see changes in season and for winter have winter jobs along with the jobs that already would occur

Bad experience

Bad how to play Bad machine control Worse than version 2014

Top notch

This game is awesome and very addictive! The missions are fun and challenging, and the vehicles are cool. They even just added some Mack vehicles to the line up! It would be fun to get a dually pickup truck, a small trailer, and even a skid steer added? Overall this game is fun, it would just be cool to see some more machinery thrown in. Keep up the great work!

Well recommended

The game is definitely worth the money but there are a few things that cops be added like a skid steer and the ability to have dust come up and you would have to water it down with a water truck. But overall it is really really good.

Okay, respond now.

So I have tried to update the game and it will get halfway, "CS2, Done, Retry." I have tried 27 times, no exaggeration! I'm done with it! I love this game! And now it's like my other game, 3 months to update.

Good but please add

I love this game so much. Can you put some livestock equipment please I would appreciate it if you would.

Refund or give me what I paid for please

I made a in-app purchase for the 20$ pack and it said purchase successful then it turns around and says error. So money was taken out of my account and I never got what I paid for!!!

  • send link to app