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Construction simulator 2

I love this have but I wish there was a multiplayer mode so me and my friend could play together

I love the game, but please update it

Add more missions, different machines, add the ability to turn the dozer blades do the side.

I need help and plz read this

This game is the best I had all of the vehicles and done everything and spent some money on it and I accidentally deleted the game and so now It won’t let me restore my progress/ purchases and I am really frustrated. Plz read this I need help.

Please read GmbH

I love this game and I like the way it’s made and I have a few recommendations and bugs, 1 we should be able to have bigger dozers, like the d11t 2 (bug) the cat 349f has a bug when you dig it doesn’t dig where the bucket is, it digs a half bucket in front of it. 3 we should have a mine. Because we could build the mine with dozers and diggers and you can get gravel from a literal gravel pit (I think that would be fun) 4 more more more locations locations locations It seems like there’s not enough 5 I feel like there’s nothing to do with money once you get all the vehicles so could you guys add more vehicles or more upgrades


Have a bucket truck in the game

It’s great besides.....

I bought coins and trucks but it crashed and I started me over again!!! I’m very upset I like the game but please do something about this! Also,Just can you add a camera mode to go in the trucks,Multiplayer mode,skid steer,and better graphics, and more realistic shocks for the trucks.


This game is a very fun and a progressive game that challenges you in many of ways. This game is also a very realistic game in the fact of being able to have jobs that are realistic, and useful for many of the equipment choices throughout the whole game.

Needs an update

Sure would be nice to get an update and not get ignored!!!

awesome game!

this game is the best.the graphics are amazing and the physics are would be nice if you could add a tractor with a wing mower and add ditch mowing jobs,thanks

Its real good

This is the best App game

Love Everything

Major improvement from the first game!

Most realistic construction game ever

I have been playing this game for a few weeks and fell in love with this game it is better than the previous version

Addition should be made:

The game is amazing however vehicle additions should be made: In a real world the dump truck could have a ball hitch to tow a trailer that could contain a backhoe or asphalt machine or small roller. Also a pickup truck would be nice for driving around.

New Mack trucks

I would like a Mack r,superliner,and anthem

I havent gotten my money

My money did not come in when i paid with the card????? Why?

Game won’t load

Purchased game and it won’t even load. Won’t give me refund either


haha Gnarly bro with a capital G haha haha ya feel me dog?

Problems with iphone X

Sometimes when i try to use both hands it doesn’t work for example when I try to move the dozer or excavator. Yet we cannot use the full screen , I really mis my i phone 7 . You guys have to fix this issue ! I was enjoying the game with my old phone but i think it’s time for you guys to move on .

Needs more vehicles such as

A skid steer A pickup truck And many more vehicles Than I will give 5 stars and be able to dump sand at the home base that way I can just use the wheel loader to put it into the dump truck

Not for kids

This is in no way for 4+. Way too complicated and terrible UI. Try explaining what the phrase “context menu” is to a 4 year old. UI obviously made by an engineer and not and actual designer


Just needs more vehicles

Thanks for a great game

Can you add John Deere Case etc. but thanks for making hospital visits shorter

Great Game

This game is great. The addition i would add is to buy pickup trucks from the vehicle dealer. Reason being, to get to places quicker.

What I want

I love this game SO MUCH I have like 52 hours on it and I have had it for 1 month. I know someone else that has it and they love it! The one thing that we would both like to see is Multiplayer. Multiplayer I feel like would make this game so much more better and take it to a hole other game. The one other thing I wanted is to have your own pit that you can bulldoze and stock up on your gravel asphalt and sand. Also to be able to take more vehicles out.


I can run this game lagless, and it is very battery friendly meaning your battery won’t get sucked down by this game. I don’t know how they did this but wow. There are a few bugs here and their but the game is worth your money.


All the equipment need to have a detailed interior matching the brand and real working mirrors. If you can’t do that than just add real working mirrors to the bumper view. That would make it a much greater and more realistic game,but other wise it’s great and I love it but please add this.👍🏻

I want this and it’s a REQUEST!

For the special jobs on the game when u unlock one to unlock a city I want it to say vehicles needed to buy or rent not just to buy!

Great Game but Please add co-op!!

I would really love co-op to be added.A lot of other people would too!


Great game needs more equipment though I’d also love to see mods

I wish there was a trailer for the dump truck.

You could then haul the roller or paver.


Amazing game but I think we need more trucks

IAP’S Broken

Don’t get me wrong this game is an advance in the series but when I tried to buy some coins in the game it gave me a bullsh*t error message saying failed to verify purchase when the App Store said it was successful Please fix this

Add new vehicles

Can we get some new vehicles? A bobcat a mini excavator with a trailer to tow them with like an f350 or something along those lines with new missions like digging a trench to fix sewer line this app is already amazing a few more things like that would put it even more over the top. I wish Xbox had a construction game

Invisible wall

When I enter area construction, the cut scene pop up, and I try get in to excavate the dirt, but there is invisible wall, I can’t get in there to excavate it.

Add a new update plz

Hello I’ve been playing your game for a while now and I just wanted to ask if a new update is coming is it big or small I just want you guys to add somethings like komatsou and Peter built freightliner etc also can you please add pickup trucks and mini excavator and a trailer for that. Please respond or do this I appreciate you reading this. :)



Great game

This game is the best. Does not need anything but a skid steer and multiplayer.

Inaccurate as hell

It’s fun and stuff.. but as a real operator, the D8 seems to stall when pushing dirt and leaning off to the side. Totally inaccurate. The semi’s are totally inaccurate and is trash.

Gradall telehandler

You guys should really look into developing a gradall or jlg telehandler into the game it will make it way more fun are you guys going to update the game it hasn’t been updated in a really long time

A lot of Fun

I love this game and have been playing it for awhile. I love simulation type games, especially when it involves heavy equipment! Room for improvements could be inside (dashboard) view, maybe more frequent updates, demolition missions? Anyways I still recommend this game and hope there is a new game in the works.

Talen Bubolz

First of all the game is fun and awesome but it needs MULTIPLAYER and it would be great if you guys changed it and keep it free

We need a NEW UPDATE

WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE A NEW UPDATE WITH PICKUPS and tag trailers for dump trucks and also a skidsteer

Great game

This is an amazing game I have 20 and 37 minutes on it is an amazing time passer I would love to see this game transfer to playstation 4


Please add a John Deere excavator I like doing excavation on this game it’s really fun! I use the cat all the time and I want something new!


This is the most addicting game I've ever played. The graphics are life like with great equipment to choose from. Only request is newer jobs

Great game

I spent hours playing this game you guys should add some more equipment and also maybe so pickup trucks for small deliveries and more special job. Maybe consider expanding the map some more.

Great game

Great game but would love for a normal truck or dually with trailer for small jobs

Greatest counstruction game

It is a amazing game with a lot of great features the only thing I wish it had was a pick up truck so u could drive that around as well like a sight foreman other then that it is a great game


Add a clam shell bucket as accessories options at the building supplies like the concrete buckle it would be helpful

Great game!

The game is amazing the graphics and overall quality of stuff is great. One of the most realistic games I have played. A few small recommendations is to: add in in-can view on everything, have a small double axle beaver tail trailer that is able to hitch on to the dump trucks and trucks of similar size, and have the trailer able to haul the backhoe and small machines. Of course a mini excavator and skidsteer would be 2 other great additions as well and maybe a pickup truck with a trailer that hooks up to it that could haul those small machines and small loads of materials and supplies. Other than that it is an amazing game and I highly recommend it to people who like real world construction games and a good simulation.

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