Construction Simulator 2 App Reviews

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This game is great, graphics machines all a dream, I would like if they could add a Wrecker for trucks of 75 tons Kenworth t800 or Peterbill, to tow the trucks when they are damaged hahaha would be great

Old stuff

I wish in the game you can have old equipment from 1940/1980s equipment and pick up truck

It’s ok but needs more

Love this game it’s great you should put a switch on the semi and dump trucks for the jake break and add a pickup truck and also let the bulldozers be able to load on to the blue trailer and get a different lowboy make it detach at the goose neck and make a little trailer that can hook to pickup truck and dump truck and also add a mini backhoe. It also lags a little bit when u hit the brakes

Add features

I’d like a few added features like a view from side and rear view mirrors, blinkers include hazards, a view of cockpit while driving and a horn

Need more

Need more equipment and bigger jobs. Other then that love the game.

Pretty realistic

I didn’t have any issues with the game crashing. Realistic to the pint that it actually felt like Work after awhile. Well worth the money. Bring a lunch box for your 30 min union break.


This is a great game but I was wondering if it will be made compatible with MFI controllers (made for iOS)?

Amazing but

This is a amazing game but it keeps crashing please update.

Sell vehicles

I just wish I could sell unwanted vehicles to have money for other vehicles other than that I love it

Please put the motor brake

Please put the motor brake

Needs better controls

Lots of thought has gone into this game. The graphics are good and the movement of machinery is surprisingly realistic. However, the controls inhibit to the point of awkwardness, turning a great idea into tedious gameplay.

Does it support MFI controllers?

The game is very nice and I spent so much time playing the older version but unlucky it doesn’t support MFI controllers, I already purchased this version also and I hope it will be compatible with MFI controllers


They need to update to where there is work trucks like fords or dodge

Something is wrong with the lowboy trailer

I now own 2 compactors and a tracked escavator and I cant get any of them to load onto my blue transport trailer.!! This is really annoying because I have to pay to have them transported to the construction site even though I own a transport truck and trailer. Please help!! What am I doing wrong?? Otherwise great game

Great! But please add...

It’s a great game definitely get it! Just can you add a camera mode to go in the trucks,Multiplayer mode,skid steer,and better graphics! Anyway I definitely recommend this game!


It’s stuck. Game is telling me to perform two jobs at once. It’s telling me to dump gravel from my dump truck when there is none in my truck AND go get gravel at the pit but there’s none available. Impossible to go further in the game. Waste of money.

iPhone X

Please update for iPhone X Thanks

Not able to get more vehicles 🙁

Hi I had a question about get new vehicles because I am almost at level 10 and still can’t get any other vehicles from the ‘vehicle bay or park’ and can’t accept any jobs because I don’t have the equipment yet for it. Could somebody tell me how to fix it. It would be much appreciated! 👍 thank you!

Really frustrating

It’s just too hard...

Why does it not fit the IPhone X screen

I have an IPhone X.Before I buy games, I check to make sure it is optimized for my phone.It says that is is on one of your updates.Just wondering why it isn’t.

One problem

The only problem is your phone will go dead before you get tired of playing this game.

Controls don’t work properly

Driving controls don’t work properly. Turning and button acceleration.

Support Staff

After having a hard time with support staff to correct in app purchases I’d say the game is great but support stinks!! Over such a little thing they couldn’t get it corrected. Many emails with the same response but no actual fix.

Love it so much

It would rate it 10/5 stars if i could. I play it during school because school is boring. And this game is not. I love building, and driving trucks.

Good game but...

Please make it where cars and people do not disappear.But over all the game is good

We need a update

When’s the next update

Update for iphone x

Great game please update it to take full screen on iphone x

Great game

This game is the best. Does not need anything more but a skid steer.such a great game.

Stolen my money

I pay 3.99 dollar in the game but don not received the mount please help me.

Mini excavator

Great game. I think you should add a mini excavator

Coin pack

It’s a good game but I bought coin pack 3 and didn’t let me have the coins or xp would like to talk to someone from support

It's like being a kid with better toys

This game is so much fun. It reminds me of being a kid but with way better stuff than I could have ever dreamed of. The game gets glitchy at places but overall it's worth every penny. I would like to see an option where we could load a couple smaller machines on a trailer (like the compactor with the paver) Another thing I’d like to see is American style trailers. RGN lowboys would be awesome and another fun operation to do. I would also like to see something like a GMC work truck to scout jobs or to be in while everything else is in the shop (since you have to always be in something) Overall worth anyone's time and money if you loved playing with toy trucks or tonka as a kid.

Steering wheel

Can you switch the slider for steering to an actual wheel? Very hard to steer!

Stop lights

Hello my name is Jack Condon I have a question how do you unlock Westgate. You can go right on red

Needs a scraper

In March can you please add a scraper to construction simulator 2 and add the game to the Nintendo switch pls

I need help downloading the game

I use to have the game and I liked the game but now it won’t let me download the game

Good game

WILL NOT PLAY unless there are more machines such as a Leipher drill rig turn signals in cab view crawler crane pick up truck with utility trailer for a skid steer. UNTIL THEN NOT Playing!!!!!!!!!!!😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 P.s need to walk around and manually start engines


Pretty disappointed you can’t use the Mack tandem with the cat cold planner mill


Overall, great game. It’s just that when I am doing the level to make it in to Sunny Hills and when I bring the compactor to the highlighted area it doesn’t do anything? Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

Amazing game (PLEASE READ)

I honestly think this game is absolutely worth the money I paid for it. I love everything about this game and I have never had a problem. But all I want to ask is can you add a pickup truck (perhaps a superduty), and a small flatbed bumper pull trailer for the pickup truck? Thanks for the awesome game!

Add two new trucks

Add a work truck like a dodge or a f250

Very close

Love this game a lot. The machines mimic real machines very closely. The auto load and dump of some of the machines do make the game a bit faster but a bit costly. With that being said when the next version is developed (hopefully) the option to load dump trucks at a pit like in CS14 would be great. BUT the biggest thing I would love to see is a free dig area, a sand box if you will. Like the training area but it allows you to go and play if will and practice on your own. Having things to lift, areas to dig and dump. Can’t wait for the new CS I know it will be great as this one!!!!

Construction sim 2

Game needs updated or something... dozer will barley push a small bit of dirt, keeps freezing and making the vehicles go all wacked out.. could you possible add a pickup some we could drive that instead of the semis all the time... thanks!! Overall awesome game!!!

Purchased Money Didn’t Receive Credit

I recently purchased money on the game, it charged my account, but didn’t receive any in the game. This is bad business! Please resolve.

Awesome Game!🙂

I love this game! There are a lot of vehicles and many different jobs to do. But I think a new area like a coastal city with jobs like building a shipping port would be amazing. Please consider this. Thank you.

Awesome need some more stuff

Add some snow and snow plows with salter that can go in the bed of dump trucks. Also grading roads and u can do dust control. And getting out of the trucks to walk around and tar and add some Volvo excavators dump trucks front end loaders and grader and so not komotsu front end loaders that would make the game amazing and seasons and a skid steer with attachments and attachments for the excavators and western star dump truck with wing plow and front plow for it and a v plow for the grader that you can buy separately and so the detach front the vehicle

Great game

I love this game but really wish there was an option to walk around the maps, also a pickup truck would be nice. Please continue to update the game!

Great Game But....

I'm giving this game 5 stars cause it's got really good graphics and really fun to play but I have 1 problem my game don't have any sound please fix this

Love the game👍

The game is cool and really good and the tutorials are very easy and painless to do also I give this game 💯% boom 💥 I ❤️ this game

Upload progress from the lite version

Is there a way to get the progress from the lite version to the full version I don’t want to really start over from the beginning

  • send link to app