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Best construction simulator

Awsome game but, can you please add new jobs

Add on

Can you add a pickup truck to the game dodge dually or some kind of pickup truck

Love the game but could add some stuff that would make it more fun

I really love this game but there could be some stuff to add like a multiplayer game cause it will get boring while playing by yourself and also can you add a cockpit view cause that would be nice. Anyway keep up the good work

Good but

It’s a great game but wish there was iPhone X support so it filled up the whole screen


Bought a coin pack and it took my money and didn’t give me my coins. Where is my coins

Old stuff

I wish in the game you can have old equipment from 1940/1980s equipment and old school trucks like Mack Peterbilt or kenworth and more caterpillar equipment from the 80s and 90s and John deer


it would also be cool to have like a bobcat/skidsteer and like a little puck up truck with a trailer for the bobcat and a mini exavator and you could have a job like tearing up a old drive way and making a new one so pretty much like a little landscaping job hope you guys can do something like the game hope yall see this

Cab view

I absolutely love this game but I totally think in the machines like the excavator dozer loader and grader should be able to have a inside the cab view while operating it just like you would a real one

Needs work

Love this game, you should put a switch on the semi and dump trucks for the jake brake, and add a pickup truck “gmc” service type scout truck to go check jobs before taking equipment out to the jobs, and also let the bulldozers be able to load on to the blue trailer, and get a different lowboy “trail king” or “RGN” make it detach at the goose neck. And make a little trailer that can hook to a pickup truck and dump truck. Also add a mini backhoe. It also lags a little bit when u hit the brakes. So if you could please take this into consideration I’d love the game way more

More vehicles

Love the game but it needs more vehicles like a common truck so you don’t have to go around in a tractor


Could please add more leibherr cranes like the huge ones you have to deliver piece by piece like on the computer version please nd more jobs games kind of boring after have done all jobs multiple times with nothing new to do or new equipment to use

Great game but would like to see more

I would like to see more brands like John Deere and case also be able to walk around also should have diesel truck like Duramax ,Cummins and powerstrokes. I would also like to see changes in season and for winter have winter jobs along with the jobs that already would occur. I also would like to see bumper pull trailers for the dump trucks also standard transmissions and turn signals and more real life things for the vehicles


Played the lite version it was awesome bought this super awesome rate 5 stars such an awesome game❤️❤️❤️😃

Gets boring.

It would be better if it was updated more. The last update was 8 months ago. The jobs are the same. The app take up a ton of space.


it wont let me buy more money now its says i bought it then crashes still will not allow me to buy anything


I am motorcycle in the game and a bucket truck

This game needs

Hello first of all I would like some track hoes and skid steers and manually put buckets on them and a side dump trailer and like work truck like Cummins or a duramax that roles cole and some goose neck trailers and mini excavater I know it’s a lot but it would make the game a bit funner thanks for all you do towards this game and you should add a scraper


Hey, I Tried Purchasing Some Money For The Game & It Keep Saying Some Is Wrong With Your Systems & I Keep Trying Days After & It Kept Saying The Something... & Plus Can You Add A New Yellow Traffic Visor Light To The Construction Trucks Light The Ones Are In Real Life Soo The Game Will Be A-1 & I Basically Bought Everything & The Pack $99.99 But Thanks & I Hope You All Solve This Issue & Add New Things Cause I Be Buying Stuff From You All Thanks:)

Best construction game ever made

I have played a lot of construction games before, but this game totally beats them all. This is “THE” construction game. The controls are amazing, at the vehicle dealer, the prices are not insane at all, the graphics are like a PS4 or and x box and pc. This game is the best construction game.... I highly recommend it to u. If I could, I would rate this game 10 stars.... but I could only leave 5 so... five stars all the way✌️✌️✌️🤟🤟🤟👌👌, and thank u to the producer, and makers of this game.


I love the game, I would just like it even more if they didn’t have those speed cameras. It would be much more fun if they had cops .That would sit on the side of the street and if you passed them speeding, they pull onto the street with their lights on. If they stop you, you have to pull onto the side of the road. They get out of their car and give you a ticket.Then you pull back on the road and leave.Please fix that!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best game

This is one of the best games I have played


When is the next update?

Great game

This is one of the best construction games out there. The only thing I would like them to do is to put in a skid steer for the smaller jobs. I would also like them to put in a pickup truck to drive around or look at jobs. But overall I highly recommend this game.

Great game just add

It’s a great game and I love it. It just needs to be added too. Like a mini excavator (CAT 305.5E2) a skid steer (CAT 299D2) a pick up truck (Ford F5.50) a Service truck (Ford F5.50) a small trailer (superior trailers) another lowboy (trail King) and be able to choose your color on trucks a trailers THANKS FOR READING!!


This game is a fun game to play and all but why does this game not have John Deere equipment, Peterbuilt trucks, or a Dodge and a Ford duly with goose neck trailers. All in all it would be a better game to play and also be better for you guys because there are different name brands that more people like. Also since there are not a lot of vehicles to buy there could be a few added because I have all of the vehicles and have nothing to do. I will rate this game at a five star game but until you guys that a look into my idea and change something I rate it at a four star game.

Please add a Railway Construction/Maintenance/INSPECTION SIMULATOR

Please add a Railway Construction/Maintenance/INSPECTION SIMULATOR, with SAME graphics and a railway build your own kind of sandbox, please see to my request thank you : -)

Very good game

I add truck volvo dumper excavador Scania dumper komatsu dumper and excavador peterbill dumper thanks Moto grade and volvo komatsu

Great game

It’s a great game hours of fun. Just wish they would add a skid steer and a mini excavator maybe a trailer you can pull behind the dump truck and a sandbox mode.

Construction simulator 2

I love this have but I wish there was a multiplayer mode so me and my friend could play together

I love the game, but please update it

Add more missions, different machines, add the ability to turn the dozer blades do the side.

I need help and plz read this

This game is the best I had all of the vehicles and done everything and spent some money on it and I accidentally deleted the game and so now It won’t let me restore my progress/ purchases and I am really frustrated. Plz read this I need help.

Please read GmbH

I love this game and I like the way it’s made and I have a few recommendations and bugs, 1 we should be able to have bigger dozers, like the d11t 2 (bug) the cat 349f has a bug when you dig it doesn’t dig where the bucket is, it digs a half bucket in front of it. 3 we should have a mine. Because we could build the mine with dozers and diggers and you can get gravel from a literal gravel pit (I think that would be fun) 4 more more more locations locations locations It seems like there’s not enough 5 I feel like there’s nothing to do with money once you get all the vehicles so could you guys add more vehicles or more upgrades

It’s great besides.....

I bought coins and trucks but it crashed and I started me over again!!! I’m very upset I like the game but please do something about this! Also,Just can you add a camera mode to go in the trucks,Multiplayer mode,skid steer,and better graphics, and more realistic shocks for the trucks.


This game is a very fun and a progressive game that challenges you in many of ways. This game is also a very realistic game in the fact of being able to have jobs that are realistic, and useful for many of the equipment choices throughout the whole game.

Needs an update

Sure would be nice to get an update and not get ignored!!!

awesome game!

this game is the best.the graphics are amazing and the physics are would be nice if you could add a tractor with a wing mower and add ditch mowing jobs,thanks

Its real good

This is the best App game

Love Everything

Major improvement from the first game!

Most realistic construction game ever

I have been playing this game for a few weeks and fell in love with this game it is better than the previous version

Addition should be made:

The game is amazing however vehicle additions should be made: In a real world the dump truck could have a ball hitch to tow a trailer that could contain a backhoe or asphalt machine or small roller. Also a pickup truck would be nice for driving around.

I havent gotten my money

My money did not come in when i paid with the card????? Why?

Game won’t load

Purchased game and it won’t even load. Won’t give me refund either


haha Gnarly bro with a capital G haha haha ya feel me dog?

Problems with iphone X

Sometimes when i try to use both hands it doesn’t work for example when I try to move the dozer or excavator. Yet we cannot use the full screen , I really mis my i phone 7 . You guys have to fix this issue ! I was enjoying the game with my old phone but i think it’s time for you guys to move on .

Needs more vehicles such as

A skid steer A pickup truck And many more vehicles Than I will give 5 stars and be able to dump sand at the home base that way I can just use the wheel loader to put it into the dump truck

Not for kids

This is in no way for 4+. Way too complicated and terrible UI. Try explaining what the phrase “context menu” is to a 4 year old. UI obviously made by an engineer and not and actual designer


Just needs more vehicles

Thanks for a great game

Can you add John Deere Case etc. but thanks for making hospital visits shorter

Great Game

This game is great. The addition i would add is to buy pickup trucks from the vehicle dealer. Reason being, to get to places quicker.

What I want

I love this game SO MUCH I have like 52 hours on it and I have had it for 1 month. I know someone else that has it and they love it! The one thing that we would both like to see is Multiplayer. Multiplayer I feel like would make this game so much more better and take it to a hole other game. The one other thing I wanted is to have your own pit that you can bulldoze and stock up on your gravel asphalt and sand. Also to be able to take more vehicles out.

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